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tourism' Office of the Langogne Canton

We are pleased to welcome you at the gates of the Gévaudan, of the Margeride, the Allier Valley, Lozère and the Languedoc-Roussillon region.
The community of Communes du Haut-Allier is located at the crossroads of 3 regions (Languedoc-Roussillon, Rhône-Alpes and Auvergne) and 3 departments (Lozère, Ardèche, and Haute-Loire), but also at the crossroads of the granite of the Margeride, the basalt of the Allier Valley and the shale of the Cévennes.


Spinning the Calquières

It is at the heart of a millenary city, Langogne, labelled city and métiers d'art in 1994, is situated the Filature des Calquières, on the banks of the Langouyrou.  Enter this spinning of wool of the nineteenth, bordered by the canal leading to the whitewater force the Ferris wheel of the mill. The shop offers a wide range of articles related to the theme of the wool, the small object to the beautiful garment. You can visit the workshop, living testimony of an essential activity once: 'the factory works before you' children and adults leave to the discovery of the transformation of the wool of the sheep until ready to knit skein. A single set of machines classified M.H dating back to 1850 are operated under your eyes, and facilitators place you the thread of the story... A beautiful interactive, playful and historic visit. Novelty 2015: discover the adventure with Oakum and her Mare reel, attraction in dynamic cinema

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The refuge of the Moure - Cheylard L'Evèque

In Gévaudan, in full forest Mercoire between Margeride and Cévennes, located on the CHEMIN DE STEVENSON - BB GR70 - the REFUGE of the MOURE building of granite with its roof in Lee, its parquet wood, its comfortable and cosy guest rooms is located in the centre of the village.